Green Towers Copenhagen

Coffee, drinks & good vibes 

at Nytorv

The story of a little house

From telephone kiosk to a hygge

spot in the heart of Copenhagen

Welcome to Green Towers Copenhagen and our small and cute towers located at Nytorv in Copenhagen. Our idea for our name is that it symbolizes the beautiful copper green roofs on the tower as well as the green and sustainability business we offer in the tower.

The magical green towers were built in the end of the 19th century and initially functioned as the first telephone kiosks in Denmark. The towers are placed in various locations in Copenhagen and the initial idea was that they should be used for the first pay phones, so everyone could pay and then receive access to make their call from inside the tower.

Throughout time the towers have been used for various purposes such as the sale of newspapers, magazines and advertisement campaigns.

We have taken the mighty, historical tower at Nytorv and transformed it into a cozy, or "hyggelige", oasis’ wich have the feel of outdoor cafés in an informal, and friendly atmosphere. Here locals and tourists alike can enjoy well-brewed cups of coffee, cold beers, cold glasses of delicious wine or cocktails.

In a close collaborative partnership with Copenhagen Visitor Center, our towers also function as decentralized tourist informations. Our staff have extensive knowledge of Copenhagen and can provide information on all you need to know about Copenhagen and provide local recommendations for visitors. Together with Tivoli, we sell fast-track tickets to this old, beautiful amusement park and we even sell tickets to other exciting and fun experiences in Copenhagen.

So if you are lost, need a recommendation or just want to come and experience that Danish feeling of "hygge" with a cup of coffee or a delicious beverage in your hand, then you’re always welcome to come say hi to us at Nytorv. 

Green Towers Copenhagen


Sit down at our cozy 'garden' and have a chat with the locals over a cup of coffee, beer or a cold glass of wine.


Our tower is located at Nytorv in the heart of Copenhagen 


We strive to be sustainable in everything we do from the cups we use to the tours we offer as a decentralized tourist information.

Green Towers Copenhagen